Promote production, upgrade manufacturing, and industrial agglomeration

      • ➤ To create a circulation platform for the award-winning works of the MAISON&OBJET Design Award China, build a platform for the production and sales of award-winning works, help the award-winning brands bring in more traffic, also circulate in the terminal consumer market. Realizing the award is only the first step of MAISON&OBJET Design Award China's affirmative design. Design enters the public through awards and reflects the value of the work!
      • ➤ THE LIFE theme ideas, with original homework as the element and the latest creative design in the spirit of Maison&Objet as the core, lead the new trend of fashion home design, thus promoting the beautiful life! We have reason to believe that the MAISON&OBJET Design Award China is not only an affirmation of your design, but also the best choice to help with a successful career.