Creation of window and of Gold Business card for Chinese Designs Maison&Objet Design Award China 2021-2022: open to applications

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On the afternoon of September 10th, 2021, "Maison&Objet Design Award China 2021-2022 Registration Launch Ceremony and Maison&Objet Lifestyle Expo Cocktail Party" was held in the French Embassy in Beijing. "Explore good design, create good life", the registration for "2021-2022 Maison&Objet Design Award China, which has attracted much attention from various sectors, has also officially opened.

During this period, Paris Design Week is taking place from September 9th to 18th, and the world-renowned home design expo MAISON&OBJET Paris is also in full swing. Every year, MAISON&OBJET brings together artistic and creative products from all over the world, provides the latest source of inspiration, and interprets current and future trends. "Maison&Objet Design Award China", established on december 2019, is an international award for the Chinese home life sectors, promoting life aesthetics and creative innovative design, and it aims to allow outstanding Chinese designers and brands to gain more recognization in the world stage, and to create better life together. Since its foundation, Maison&Objet Design Award China expects to discover excellent Chinese designs from products to space design, to bring the surprises to the design industry, and to influence lifestyles with design trends, to provide a high-quality platform window for young Chinese design forces with a broad international vision and a forward-looking attitude.


Pictures : from Maison&Objet 2021 september

During the event, the conference hall of the French Embassy in China has welcomed the guests of honor from different fields. M. Thibaut FABRE, Director of Business France in China, Mr. Meng Jianguo, Chairman of the Soft Furnishings Branch of China Building and Decoration Association, M. Hao Ninghui, Deputy Dean for Institute of Urban Design of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. ZENG Hui, Beijing Design Week Director,Mrs CAO Ji, General Manager of LIHE Lighting Center /Initiator of Greater Bay Area Design Week, Mr.Li Jianwei, Founder of HC28 & Duhuili, Mr. Wu Yifei, Chairman of Chongli Cuiyunshan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhao Hu, founder for 12 space program,Mr.David Lin, Expert of Honor of Institute of Urban Design of CAFA / M&O Design Award Academic Advisorg, Mr. ZHANG Kefi, Professor of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts School, Mrs. Lai Yanan, Associate Professor of Beijing Union University Art School/ Founder of Brand DOMO Nature, Mr. Lian Zhiming, Deputy General Secretary of China Art Furnishings Committee, Mr. Zhao Bin, Deputy General Secretary of Soft Furnishing Branch of China Building and Decoration Association, and other industry guests, Award-winning designers, and the press representatives from Xinhua News Agency, INTERNI China, Netease Home, Sina Home, Sina Real Estate, Tencent Home, American Interior Design China, "AD House", "Domus", Zhile Home, Qingshe, Artisan, MiFINE, Guangming Daily and other well-known design media were all invited to attend the launch conference of Maison&Objet Design Award China.


Picture : part of invited guests


In the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a key spot of the press conference, the Guests of Honor sent their blessings to the award.


Speech from M. Thibaut FABRE, Director of Business France in China

"French fashion design has a long history and is good at finding a beautiful balance and fusion between rationality and sensibility, technology and creativity. France had many design masters, who have had a huge impact on the world's fashion design industry. France also pays a great attention to the designers training with numerous well-known design schools.” M. Thibaut FABRE, Director of Business France in China, said in his speech: “In recent years, the exchanges and cooperation between France and China in the fashion design field have become increasingly close, and more and more Chinese designers are beginning to step into the world stage and are recognized by the world. I hope that the launch of the Maison&Objet Design Award China and the launch of Maison&Objet Lifestyle tour expo will further promote the exchange and cooperation between French and Chinese fashion and interior design field."


M. Franck Millot, International Partnership Director of Maison&Objet Paris,Director of Paris Design Week


Marc Partouche

During the event, M. Franck Millot, International partnership director of MAISON&OBJET and Director of Paris Design Week,and Mr. Marc Partouche, the general secretary of International Art Critics Association, participated in the launch of the award’s registration in the Embassy via online connection and delivered their speeches, expressed their blessings for the new works collection and their expectations for the entries.


Mrs Amy Shen, Winners’ representative

As one of winners of last edition, Ms Amy Shen, Design director of ZN Design, expressed her expectation that Maison&Objet Design Award would connect more real estate projects with designers, and hope that the award could link fashion and Internet, and provide more exchange opportunities between designers and Business entities. It is expected that Maison&Objet , as an extremely influential exhibition platform, would take advantage of its resources, and provide better and more opportunities to young Chinese designers.


Speech from Mr ; Haoninghui, from Central Academy of Fine Arts

Chinese design is in the exploratory development stage and is facing the integration of localization and globalization. In the future, more Chinese designers will step into the international stage and expand overseas markets. As a representative of the academic support unit, Mr. Hao Ninghui, in his speech expressed his three expectations for young designers, especially for students: Ability to make design localization, Quality of "comprehensive person", and self-adaptability & quick reaction.


Speech by M. Louis Lu, General Secretary of M&O Design Award China

Maison&Objet Design Award China, as an award that crosses national boundaries and cultural differences, pursues the ideas’ integration and long-term development, has encountered a few of hard conditions, under the background of the epidemic. In his speech, Mr. Lu Xiaocheng, introduced the award category setting and review process. Meanwhile, he also said, "In the past year, Ms. Zhang Yanmei, the chairman of the first Maison&Objet Design Award China, had contributed efforts and energy to the award with the team. Their previous hard work made the launch of second award today successful. Maison&Objet Paris and and the partners from related sectors are all expecting to forge a first-class professional design award."


Talks : Guests’ Dialogue

The guests on-site had a wonderful design dialogue on the theme of "Boundless Fusion, Cross-Border Future Seeing --- Fusion, Integration and Exchange". The guests spoke freely on the topic: what is good design.


Following "MAISON&OBJET Design Award China 2020-2021– Award Ceremony" held in the consulate general of France in Shanghai in June this year, the committee of M&O Design Award has reached again the long-term partners, the institutions and the cooperation media for a new chapter together. This not only highlights the firm attitude of "Maison&Objet Design Award China" to support the exchanges and cooperation in the design culture field between China and foreign countries, but also demonstrates the determination of Chinese and foreign institutions to jointly help the transformation and upgrading of China's home furniture industry.In order to expand the award influence and to promote the award winners, following this event, the award committee will organize the events as the lifestyle tour exhibitions, forum & Conference and other activities in multiple cities at home and abroad, and the topics concerning the design and cultural identity, smart home, green design, future living space, cross-border cooperation and etc. will be focused on.The application period for the second edition of "M&O Design Award China" is from Sep.10 to Dec.15 2021, 97 days in total. Designer groups or individuals who meet the registration requirements can complete the registration procedures through the "M&O Design Award China" websitewww.modesignaward.comandtheofficial Wechat account -MO设计奖from now on.

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