thumb_c8a8af081dc7bf43ca0ff808ded63783 Mr. François Delclaux is a senior expert in the art of living in a broad sense. He has been engaged in trend analysis, product strategy, product combing and brand management consulting for more than 20 years, providing expertise for countless well-known brands, large retailers, manufacturers, exhibition platforms, etc. service.
Mr. François Delclaux has been in close cooperation with several internationally renowned fashion trend authority organizations. He has worked with industry authority experts and organizations (François Bernard, Nelly Rodi, Elizabeth Leriche) in the form of independent consultants and integrated teams for many years. In 2006, he founded the Un Nouvel Air brand consulting agency.
As the external art director of the brand, he is committed to analyzing the professional strategic recommendations (including mass retail and luxury goods) that global trends bring to brands and large retailers. He has been paying attention to changes in consumer trends, helping brands to accurately position in the market, predicting marketing/style trends, and building their complete product series around new products.
This forward-looking approach enables customers to foresee the future, stand out, and continuously optimize brand positioning and products to enhance brand awareness and influence.
He has developed a complete set of mature research methods that are suitable for the different needs of each client:
• Define brand characteristics and market positioning/style
• Create a reasonable product system and select/develop new products for customers through trend analysis reports
• Accompany customers to complete the entire task through interactive workshops, trend pictures, merchandise exhibition planning and other forms
Working with a very professional and skilled team (graphic designers, stylists, designers, scene designers, artists, sociologists), Mr. François Delclaux also implements more complex exhibition designs and large-scale mall exhibitions for clients.