Lai Yanan


tx Lai Yanan graduated from the Environmental Art Design Department of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts . After graduation, he established his own design company and art company, specializing in the design of architecture, interior, furniture and furnishings. In 2004, he founded the original furniture design brand DOMO nature in Paris, France. DOMO nature officially entered China in 2008.
The original intention of the original DOMO brand was to convey Chinese design concepts and original spirit to Westerners. It is hoped that Westerners will not only be fascinated by the Chinese style visually, but also hope that they can understand and identify with the connotations and ideas of Eastern culture. At the same time, DOMO nature has always advocated a healthy life concept, and paying attention to whether human beings can live a healthy life in the future reflects DOMO's social responsibility and design attitude. Therefore, DOMO always insists that the design should start from the green idea. When interpreting DOMO's products, we can always feel the artistic conception of traditional culture and the modern and healthy life philosophy through its highly professional design and proficient and bold expression of materials. It is such a clear and high-key design vocabulary through the low-key expression of the product that makes DOMO's products popular with people of insight.