Martin Gleize



Martin Gleize, international director of Roche Bobois


France, the birthplace of fashion culture and luxury culture, has created top brands in jewelry, fashion, leather goods and other industries. In the home furnishing industry, Rochebobois, France, spans three centuries and has written a legend that crosses classics and moderns. The leader of the world's top home furnishings starts with the union of the two big families.

1896: Fernand Roche founded Roche in the 12th arrondissement of Paris (traditional furniture manufacturing). At the same time, the Shu Xiang family came to Paris from Russia to sell classic furniture .

1900 – 1920: Fernand Roche settled on Caesars Avenue, Roche Company adheres to the ancient French traditional craftsmanship, producing all kinds of classical furniture from the 17th century to the Napoleonic period. At the same time, the Shu Xiang family opened a furniture store called Au Beau Bois. Beau Bois Miki is also the predecessor of Bobois.

1920 – 1940: Jacques Roche unites with more manufacturers to expand the retail sector and renames the company Roche to Les Etablissements Roche (Les Etablissements Roche).

1940 – 1960: The baptism of the war did not change the love of furniture for the two big families, and they actively participated in the post-war city reconstruction and furniture reform. The two families decided to merge and opened a rochebobois independent store on Saint-Germain Avenue in Paris, which was designed by modern design master Pierre Paulin.

1960 – 1970: As a pioneer of modern design, Fort Roach produced the well-known BALL chair, MUSHROOM chair, MAHJONG sofa and SACCO chair... Dominique Forrest, director of the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts, commented: "In the 70s, Fort Roach played It plays a vital role and has realized many innovations in the seat concept for people."

1970 – 1980: Rochburg takes the modular sofa to its extreme. DROMADAIRE sofa, PLATEAU sofa and PAYSAGE sofa have become the benchmark of the times. In 1974, Fort Roach entered the North American market and first opened the first Fort Roach store in New York, USA. By 1978, Fort Roach had 78 stores in France and 45 stores abroad.

1980 – 1990: Parallel to the return of classical styles is the acceleration of modern trends. Rochburg maintains cooperation with designers and always insists on launching new products twice a year to keep pace with the rhythm of the haute couture industry.

1990-2000: French Roche Bobois International Group RBI (Roche Bobois International) launched "classical style" and "modern style", the two major styles together constitute the product system of Roche Bobois.

2000-2010: Rochburg Home Furnishing continues to join forces with the world's top fashion brands to launch custom-made products such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Missoni and Sonia Rykiel. In 2003, Fort Roach entered the Chinese market. It has formed the scale of 250 boutiques in 45 countries around the world.