Ming Chu Fung



Ming Chu Fung was born in Hong Kong and her ancestral home is Huangpi, Hubei. On September 13, 2012, she was appointed dean of the Taipei Palace Museum. She is a famous scholar and writer in history, and she is very research-oriented in her work. She has worked in the Forbidden City in Taipei for many years. She has a strong recognition of Chinese culture and has a good attainment of history. She has never interrupted her pursuit of academia.

Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum is definitely the forerunner, and she is the promoter of the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Museum. The memory is still fresh. From the museum how to build a brand, marketing culture, manufacturing output value, driving the development of social and cultural creative industries, innovation performance.

In 2016, Ming Chu Fung, the retired president of the Taipei Forbidden City, was hired as a consultant to the Beijing Forbidden City Research Institute. Efforts for exchanges between the Forbidden City on both sides of the Taiwan straits, cultural and creative innovation.