Yu Jinggan



Peking University researcher, master of architecture, MBA of Tsinghua University MBA, doctor of philosophy of Beijing Normal University, Dhaka University of Bangladesh, Jiangxi Normal University, Shanghai Donghua University and other visiting professors of dozens of universities.

He has traveled to dozens of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America for sketching and investigation. He is a national senior architect, vice president of the IFDA International Interior Design Association in China, vice president of the Guangdong Building Decoration Industry Association, founder of Xingyi Decoration Group, Honorary Chairman, Chief Designer, Top Ten Pioneering Pioneers of Jiujiang, Top Ten Pioneering Pioneers of Jiangxi Province, Top Ten People of Jiujiang, Founders of Shifang Architecture, Founder of Jiangxi Lushan Xihai (International) Art School, Chairman, Governor, President Founder of Home Culture Media Co., Ltd. A

Going to sea in 1991, Guangzhou Sanxing Architectural Design and Art Center was established, which was later renamed Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd. After ten years of hard work, his company has 370 branches in 65 large and medium-sized cities in China and 40,000 employees. The annual output value is nearly 2 billion.

He did not forget his hometown when he got rich. In 2003, he invested nearly 200 million yuan in his hometown of Wuning to establish the Fengliang International Art Academy, which enabled more than 2,000 poor peasant children to learn decorative techniques and absorbed more than 30,000 fellows into his business. Employment, for this reason, China Central Television News recently reported his deeds.

Dr. Yu Jinggan was selected as one of the "Top Ten Pioneering Pioneers in Jiangxi Province and the Top Ten People in Jiujiang" by Jiangxi Province and Jiujiang. He is currently the chairman of Guangzhou Yibang Investment Co., Ltd., a member of the Design Committee of the China Decoration Association, a corporate culture researcher at Peking University, and the creator of China’s first private decoration company. China’s performance "family space, thought space, wisdom space, collectable space , Sunshine Residence, Taihe Residence, President's House, Tsinghua University, and the philosophical beauty of space "and other pioneers of space cultural ideas. He is also a visiting professor at dozens of universities including Fudan University, Sichuan Normal University, and Chongqing Jianzhu University. )