Luca Nicchetto




In 2006 Luca Nichetto founded a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice, Italy, which

specialised in industrial design, product design and design consultancy. From the very

beginning, this studio collaborated with a number of different brands and organisations,

quickly expanding its influence far beyond Venice and Italy's borders.

Five years later, in 2011, Nichetto opened a second studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This

practice was founded in response to an ever growing number of requests for collaborationfrom international companies, with the studio's work also broadening out from its initialfocus on designed objects.

Nichetto Studio has since expanded into areas such as interior design and architecture.

Today, Nichetto Studio works with a variety of brands and clients from all around the

worid, and its expertise is sought out across all design disciplines.

A deep passion for, and knowledge of, industrial and craft manufacturing processes runs

through every aspect of the studio's work. Nichetto Studio's projects abound in carefully

selected cultural references and a keen attention to detail. The practice’s unique position

within both Scandinavian and Italian design culture has given Nichetto Studio worldwide

recognition. Appreciation of its work extends far beyond the confines of the design



Luca Nichetto was bom in 1976 in Venice. He studied at the city's Istituto statale d'arte,

before undertaking a degree in industrial design at the University luav di Venezia, from

which he graduated in 1998.

In 1999, Nichetto began his professional career with Murano-based glass maker Salviati,

later becoming a product designer and consultant for lighting company Foscarini. In

2006, he founded his eponymous practice in Venice. In 2011 he moved to Stockholm,

Sweden, to open a second studio and he continues to live in and work from this city.

Over the course of his career, Nichetto has served as art director for many international

design brands and he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the design industry. He

has lectured and led workshops at various universities, including serving as a professor

of design at the University luav di Venezia, as well as sitting on juries for assorted

international design competitions.

Nichetto's work has been exhibited worldwide and has been the subject of retrospectivesin cities such as Venice, London, Paris and Stockholm. He has been awarded numerousinternational design awards for his highly researched, innovative design projects, whichrange across products, furniture and accessories, as well as incorporating architectureand exhibition design.